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Subterranean termites started swarming in Los Angeles and other cities in SoCal. When you see swarming or flying termites there is no need to panic. They are not vector of diseases but almost for certain damage the property. You can spray them with water or any other cleaning material and clean them after they fall down. It will be beneficial to keep a sample in a plastic or other container for our inspector to identify the termites. Meanwhile, you can call us or book online your free inspection after which we will assess the situation and offer remedies. Most of the time lot more issues are found other than subterranean termite infestations. So it will be an excuse to do a good wood destroying organisms inspection and rectify issues .

Most Homes And Other Structures Qualify For A Complete Wood Destroying Organisms (termite) Inspection

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Rated Premier Termite Company by Many Independent Agencies

Prime Termite is rated #1 termite company in Los Angeles for 7 years in a row by USCA, for 4 consecutive years by Thumbtack, and for last 23 months by Yelp. In addition to this, several months ago two more companies – “Three Best Rated” and “Expertise” also included Prime Termite in their list of best termite companies in Los Angeles and Southern California. None of these companies require any payment in exchange for rating! We are also NPMA Certified , and BBB Accredited and A+Rated – 16 years! 

Offering Free Complete Inspections Not Just Estimates

Prime Termite offers Free Termite Inspections in Los Angeles and adjacent areas. We specialize in green termite control as well as traditional termite control for homeowners and multi unit and commercial properties within the Greater Los Angeles area and most cities in Southern California. In addition to all rave reviews on internet, we have an extremely skilled workforce who is in constant paid training  conducted by acknowledged authorities  in wood destroying organisms control in California and entire USA. We also utilize invaluable custom-made, high volume, high psi and very efficient natural application equipment. This equipment, upscale laser and infrared tools combined with proprietary techniques tasted for decades allow deep penetration and tracking of natural-based termiticides thanks to which we can do decent quality of jobs without fumigating. We virtually use localized treatment methods with natural termiticides and convert them into big-volume and traceable applications to modify them into broad executions. These treatments also prevent from future infestations wherever applied and are against virtually all types of wood destroying organisms, not only termites. We also use complete heating method which eliminates the use of any chemicals at all! We are not a pest control company who also does termites. We do only termites and other wood destroying organisms control. Termites are only around half of overall wood destroying organisms in terms of damage caused. General pest control is related with keeping structures in sanitary and nuisance-free state. Even though termites can be considered as pests, however termite and other wood destroying organisms control has little, if any to do with general pest control. It is more related with construction. While contractors build structures, we maintain them by delaying damage to wood for as long as possible. This is why pest control companies spray for ants, bait for cockroaches and tent for termites but Prime Termite offers several options for great termite and other wood destroying organisms control including even completely non-chemical ones approved by the state as valid complete termite control method.

Exclusive Quality of Work and one of the Best Warranties in our Industry

Prime Termite offers premium quality, Free Termite Inspections in Greater Los Angeles area for qualified homes and other properties while offering our unparalleled “60-day Price Match Guarantee“!  Also, we offer superior termite and other wood destroying organisms warranties available in our industry which include free fumigations or free complete heat if necessary! These warranties apply to both types of our complete treatments — Green Termite Treatments and Traditional Termite Treatments. As a rule, we rarely conduct meaningless localized treatments.

If you are concerned or have questions about the state of your home or other property feel free to call us at 888-998-3764  during 7:30am – 7:30pm weekdays or 9:00 am – 2:00 pm Saturdays. If you know that have a termite problem Click this link to schedule your FREE TERMITE INSPECTION.