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Drywood termites stopped swarming in Los Angeles and other cities in SoCal. This does not mean they disappeared! Unless you had a swarm and termites were completely treated, your property may have issues, especially if you see evidences of termites and / or damage. Luckily now after the highly hectic swarm season is gone you can schedule no rush inspections and termite treatment. This entails better pricing and higher quality of work.

Most Homes And Other Structures Qualify For A Complete Wood Destroying Organisms (termite) Inspection


Upon completion of work by Prime Termite, and if applicable checking the work of other contractors, certification can be issued. Depending on type of transactions, certifications can be general, for use by FHA/VA loan transactions as well as with exclusions in case there are Section 2 items not completed, and/or it is for a multiunit property and inspection was limited only to unit inspected/work completed.

Real Estate termite inspections are being conducted with highest level of attention to detail. We understand that informing the buyer about the state of wood damage and conducive conditions is critical. Our state report includes all 11 subcategories, is always a separated report, and never includes secondary recommendation in this case. Prime Termite also offer free re-inspection in case customer has done own repairs to issue certifications. There is no certification fee unless certification can be issued without a termite work which almost never is the case.

Prime Termite is striving to expand its connections with real estate agents and offers free escrow inspections for listing or buyers agents first time to establish ongoing relationship. If after the first free inspection you would like to schedule your job with our company and refer more business, Prime Termite will never charge inspection fee. The same applies if there is an associate assigned to a real estate office or a realtor. If you are the buyer or the seller ask your real estate agent to contact if you want to avoid paying inspection fee.

Prime Termite offers the best warranty available in our industry. All complete drywood and subterranean termite treatment warranties include

  • Unlimited re-treatments on any area of a structure, and this also includes free fumigations, re-foaming the entire building or conducting a complete subterranean termite work all over again
  • Promising by our side not to back off from the warranty for as long as the customer wishes, provided that they pay their annual renewal fee
  • Having fixed low annual renewal fee and not increasing it sharply after three years when it would be the time to probably do another complete termite work
  • No-fee transfer of the warranty to new owners as well as using it for house sale or refinance transactions