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Subterranean termites started swarming in Los Angeles and other cities in SoCal. When you see swarming or flying termites there is no need to panic. They are not vector of diseases but almost for certain damage the property. You can spray them with water or any other cleaning material and clean them after they fall down. It will be beneficial to keep a sample in a plastic or other container for our inspector to identify the termites. Meanwhile, you can call us or book online your free inspection after which we will assess the situation and offer remedies. Most of the time lot more issues are found other than subterranean termite infestations. So it will be an excuse to do a good wood destroying organisms inspection and rectify issues .

Most Homes And Other Structures Qualify For A Complete Wood Destroying Organisms (termite) Inspection


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Fumigation using only Vikane, not a generic alternative, and fumigators being certified by Dow AgroSciences which is quite rare in Los Angeles area when issuing drywood termite treatments Los Angeles. Fumigation is one of the most common drywood termite treatments, and if it’s done properly, it can ensure complete elimination. It should be noted though that fumigation has no preventative effect, meaning it cannot prevent from future infestations. By utilizing our free termite inspections Orange County (and free termite inspections LA) our inspectors will be able to identify the exact issues with your home or business. Fumigations are done by using the best fumigant available – Vikane. Simultaneously, we acquaint homeowners with the safety aspects of termiticide usage and advise them of further aeration or prolonged absence if needed. Even though informally we do not recommend fumigation in case there are elderly, youngsters, or people with health issues in the household. Nonetheless this is a common method during home buying and selling transactions. Remember, Prime Termite offers free termite inspections Orange County & free termite inspections LA.  When it comes to termite treatments Orange County and for Los Angeles, we have been voted as the #1 choice among house and business owners for the last 7 years.

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FREE Termite Inspections LA

Most homeowner associations predominantly in the state of California require that each home remains termite free through all the properties. This is why it is important to call us to utilize your free termite inspections Orange County (and free termite inspections LA).


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The Vikane gas fumigation process is required when the whole house or building structure has areas with termites that are hard to reach, let alone see. Since Vikane is a gas it virtually leaves no residue on any items or furniture in your home or business as long as the required amount of time is given for it to clear out (when used properly as instructed on the label). Always be sure to ask as many questions you have towards our inspectors and applicators when it comes to successfully fumigating your home or business. They will be glad to assist you in any questions you may have during your free termite inspections Orange County (and free termite inspections LA).

Anytime it comes to termite treatments Orange County (and Los Angeles), it’s very important to know that Vikane gas is also harmful to humans and pets, so it’s required that the owners or occupants leave the property for their own safety. Thankfully the toxic chemicals of Vikane do not last long in which the property will be ventilated for at least 24-48 hours. After the gases are successfully ventilated the occupants can return.


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Drywood Termite Treatments Los Angeles

Vikane gas is very effective towards drywood termite treatments Los Angeles. On the contrary, if your issue is subterranean termites then Vikane gas would not be the choice. This is due to the fact that Vikane gas isn’t able to attack termites deep in the soil, which renders this method useless towards subterranean termites. Also note that Vikane was originally considered to be safe towards the ozone layer, which now has been debunked by recent research. The latest research has in fact detected that Vikane does harm the ozone layer. However, when compared to green house gases or other CFC’s it is very minor and nowhere in comparison. Vikane is used by various companies when drywood termite treatments Los Angeles is needed. Prime Termite has the highest trained exterminators who specialize in drywood termite treatments Los Angeles as well as drywood termite treatments Orange County.

If you’re interested in your free termite inspections Orange County (and free termite inspections LA) give us a call at: 888-99-TERMITE


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Prime Termite provides same warrantes against drywood and subterranean termites by using green treatments as in case of traditional treatments. Even more, if only fumigation is done our warranty terms are more strict than in other cases since many houses, especially those on coastal areas need to be re-fumigated every couple of years as opposed to if we do other type of treatments 

Complete Heat or Thermigation is similar to fumigation when all wooden parts of a structure are treated by reaching all drywood termites. During fumigation this is achieved by introducing sulfur fluoride, but by using complete heat it is accomplished by increasing the temperature to a level at which dry wood termites cannot survive. In both cases, the structure is sealed to block fumigant or excessive heat escaping through a tent or other alternative ways. Complete Heat or Thermigation is the only alternative to fumigation capable of eliminating all drywood termites. In addition, it has one great advantage – it is a completely green treatment that does not involve any chemicals, even organic and natural ones.

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Most recent update : Southern California Homes Magazine chose Prime Termite for explanation of green termite treatments.

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