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In many areas of Greater Los Angeles subterranean termites started swarming. If you see flying small black termites with gray wings bigger than thorax and equal size, there is no need to get upset and think it will need a speedy remedy. You can clean them by spraying with Windex or even water. As a rule, swarming termites are a sign of termite infestation on the structure. This means that they may be eating and damaging the structure. We offer free complete termite and other wood destroying organisms inspections There may be other issues too. There is no need to call a termite company just to kill or clean these flying termites, it will mean he did literally nothing. Termites are already dead or will be in an hour or so, and whoever cleans your house can also clean them too.

Most Homes And Other Structures Qualify For A Complete Wood Destroying Organisms (termite) Inspection


Fungus found in the subarea


Wood Destroying Organisms Control includes not only Termite Control, but also Fungus Control, as well as other wood destroying organisms control. Even more, fungus does lot more damage than all other wood destroying organisms combined. Depending on area and year house or other structure is built fungus detection, repair, and preventing can relate to as much as half of activities of the “termite inspector” who really is not merely a termite inspector but a wood destroying organisms control professional.

At the map below are the areas where fungus infestations usually are more than drywood and subterranean termite infestations combined. Also, below map shows the areas where not only infestation, but also damage from fungus is more than from any other type of wood destroying organisms.
In Greater Los Angeles are these include South-Central Los Angeles area due to age of buildings and less frequent checkups and repairs, which partially is coming for low sale price of the buildings. Similar situation is in North Long Beach due to same reasons as well as some coastal houses in Long Beach where damage due to fungus can be more due to higher average moisture level while at the same time many houses there do not maintain good selling value to allow better repairs and more frequent checkups.

Different situation exists in Cerritos and adjacent areas. Cerritos was built in comparatively short period of time while at the same time houses there look similar in terms of construction design. Virtually all houses in Cerritos and some adjacent areas noted in map have custom made large lumber construction with extensive openings on eaves and stretching main beams outside of the structure. Larger area exposed and important wood members allow more exposure to moisture such as rain which itself causes more damage. Many times these damaged beams extend into inaccessible walls which requires opening walls and replacing one or more important load bearing beams in houses. And these are complex repairs to be done by experienced contractors. Almost all cities in these cases require special permits and supervision from municipal authorities while doing the repairs.

Our service area


Fungus Control is inspecting structures against fungus damage and conditions which may lead to or already might have lead to fungus infestation and correcting these conditions as well as conducting necessary repairs.

Except actual dry-rot or white-rot fungus damage, most important conditions while inspecting against fungus damage is detecting evidence of present or possible leaks, water stains, possible hidden damage in inaccessible areas, and other moisture conditions.

Fungus itself is merely a plant which lacks Chloroplasts due to which other plants conduct photosynthesis which allows them to convert the energy of Sun into biological energy within themselves. However, since fungus does not have such an ability to grow itself, it grows by consuming the plants and wood.

Any type of fungus including dry-rot which is the main cause of damage in wooden structures needs moisture to survive and flourish. On the other hand if there is no sufficient moisture any type of fungus recedes and the existing damage stops.

Most important aspect of fungus control is inspecting accessible and visible wood members in structures and reporting and repairing fungus infestations and damage if present. Repairing fungus damage includes replacing the damaged wood members as well as fixing the conditions which lead to the damage.

For instance, if there is a rotten fascia board on exterior of structure, not only it needs to be replaced but also causes of it such as lose paint or inappropriately installed gutters need to be fixed too.

One of major causes of structural damage in structures is stall shower leaks. Stall showers need to be tested properly by letting the water run for at least 15 minutes since they often have leaks which cause extensive damage on nearby wood members.

Also, special attention needs to be given to moisture signs or water stains on exterior and interior of structure. If necessary, opening walls for further inspection as well as referring for further check ups to licensed plumbers and roofers need to be made.

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