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In many areas of Greater Los Angeles subterranean termites started swarming. If you see flying small black termites with gray wings bigger than thorax and equal size, there is no need to get upset and think it will need a speedy remedy. You can clean them by spraying with Windex or even water. As a rule, swarming termites are a sign of termite infestation on the structure. This means that they may be eating and damaging the structure. We offer free complete termite and other wood destroying organisms inspections There may be other issues too. There is no need to call a termite company just to kill or clean these flying termites, it will mean he did literally nothing. Termites are already dead or will be in an hour or so, and whoever cleans your house can also clean them too.

Most Homes And Other Structures Qualify For A Complete Wood Destroying Organisms (termite) Inspection


During these type of inspections our inspectors recommend more than one option — usually three. Fumigation will be recommended as one of the options. If fumigation will be chosen as a treatment for drywood termite control rest is ensured that Prime Termite will coordinate all procedures for smooth progress of the process. We have extensive experience of doing fumigations on large structures and have always provided excellent quality of treatment and service.

During the process it is important that everything will be planned in advance. We do not do rush fumigation, and this statement is more relevant to multi unit and/or commercial fumigations. It is important to note that very few cases when fatalities happened during fumigation where those in multi-units. It is much easier to coordinate everything when there is only one family at a residence as opposed to 100 occupants in a huge building.

It is a requirement from Prime Termite not to leave any feed, medicine, vitamins as well as anything that usually is recommended to bag during fumigation. We do not believe that leaving anything inside the tent where highly toxic gas will be introduced which will then be placed inside mouths of people makes any sense at all. Food should be consumed prior to fumigation and all other items taken out even though it is perfectly legal to bag them.

Again, these fumigations are scheduled at least 20 days in advance, and most cases 3 or more months in advance, so the residents and home owner have more than enough time to get ready for them properly.

In addition we have at least three meetings prior to management companies and residents prior to multi unit fumigations.

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