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In many areas of Greater Los Angeles drywood termites started swarming. If you see flying termites, there is no need to get upset and think it will need a speedy remedy. Just spray them with Windex or even water and clean up the remains. As a rule, swarming drywood termites are a sign of drywood termite infestation on the structure. This means that they may be eating and damaging the structure. We offer free complete termite and other wood destroying organisms inspections to find out if these termites come from a colony nested inside your attic, wall or other areas of the home. There may be other issues too. In that case our inspector will offer tested and very effective solutions. There is no need to call a termite company just to kill or clean these flying termites. They are already dead or will be in an hour or so, and whoever cleans your house can also clean them too.

Most Homes And Other Structures Qualify For A Complete Wood Destroying Organisms (termite) Inspection


Yelp Review Comments

As of August 2, 2018 Prime Termite has 259 reviews on yelp from which

234 reviews which are 5 stars

1 review which is 4 star

6 reviews which are 2 star

and 18 reviews which are 1 star,

From 18 1-star reviews 1 – Arlene Dayoan –  complains why inspectors refused to provide  her service when she had problems with title of her house. Also, inspectors felt very uncomfortable when meeting her to say the least. If you google Arlene Dayoan and see her photos, you will see as to why. No work was done, inspectors showed up on time but she was very hostile. She calls people names – according to her our inspectors are “Creepy”, yelp employees are idiots, all people who posted positive reviews about us are mentally challanged even though it is about several days of work, but she is the brightest mind out there and with one minute interactions can tell entire world the most useful review about our business and whatever people wrote for over 10 years of service means nothing. You see what type of person she is, this so called actress Arlene Dayoan? She has books for sale in Amazon and claims nobody needs to do anything to make lots of money, and people are loughing on her in their comments. Why put your name, video, photos out there and make a complete joke of yourself?  Do you think a normal person can go online and update her negative review every other day by trying to write as nastier of a stuff as possible each time? Do you know anyone who wrote a review about a business like already 10 times, especially when that business ignores herself and did not even want to talk to her not to mention check her house or provide service? Is there any home service company who would service a property whose owner has over $26 million judgement? If she doesn’t pay what are you going to do? Get another judgement? Which will add couple of more on what she already has?   Click here to see yourself. Also, as mentioned she posted not one, not two but four reviews about our company which were deleted by yelp. Click here to see yourself  . Tells a lot about how vindictive an “actress” can be towards to “termite guys” while she has not paid a penny but we spent so much time on her.

After her irreverent review and our comments google is not rating yelp in keywords “termite control”. “termite inspection” as first choice on organic searches. No wonder.  Prime Termite is first choice on yelp of termite inspection, termite company and other keywords. So, if second “review” – hers,  is so meaningless, then people will not read it, after which google sees that and downgrades yelp. “Good job yelp”! Is that so difficult to rate your own content a little better? Why are you afraid that will scare or upset people to write reviews? You deleted 4  irrelevant, vindictive, and super rude reviews of Arlene Dayoan about poor termite guys whom she paid nothing but badmouths everyday. If a waiter brings 2 cups of soup and a drink by walking 20 feet, you pay her $20 or so “tip”. But when not one, but two licensed inspectors with two cars go to provide free service to someone they start being hostile and keep writing bad reviews every other day?  Great job Arlene Dayoan! This is an outstanding PR for you you create by your own actions. She still keeps writing meaningless stuff. Why can’t yelp just recruit professional moderators who will merely delete irrelevant reviews about our profession? Wouldn’t that be also good for general public? Or at least if there is a home service company, but a customer did not receive service, give lower importance to those reviews as any other reviews site which more or less specializes in home service companies. Isn’t that why nobody can find a legitimate general contractor on yelp? However our work is similar to that of general contractor, and we are very unhappy of 14  irrelevant trolling rants which show on yelp as 1-star reviews of mostly crazy women who could not control themselves.  Any other company would sue at least 5-6 of them.

The next one complains that another company before us inspected her house and did not find anything. We did not find any inspection other than ours done on State Board’s website. Also, our inspector posted his inspection on state board’s website, generated photos and found serious problems in her house. Instead of the other company getting one star for not finding obvious termite damage and us getting 5 starts, we got the opposite.

The next one complains why she did not get her report on time, when refused to pay for escrow inspection.

The next one says we did not provide veteran service, but we do a lot of VA loans, just at that time inspector who specialized in that type of service was not working.

The other one says why inspector offered him a complete treatment after seeing couple of termites, and we explained as to why, it is already mover 10 years in our website we have the link where state says why local treatments make no sense.

The other one is a valid complain which was remedied big time – we let Wallace – the inspector go. He over quoted him and did marginal inspection. So, up to this point there is only one valid negative review, and we acted on it, however the reviewer did not post any update or appreciate us being proactive.

The other one is a from an “elite” who complains why we did not want to do her door and wanted to check entire building for free first. This is what law mandates. As licensed inspectors we cannot come and do only the door. I bet later when her wall cracks or roof is about to fall down on her she would come and sue us because we did not do entire house.

Yelp is initially tailored to rate restaurant waiters and waitresses – just how nice and accommodating you are.  Also, the do great job to detect “AstroTurf” activities. They do even better job to encourage and even inspire people to work free for them and write as many reviews as they can. This is what important for search engines, because they give more importance to content. While it is good for yelp in general, it is not that good for people and businesses. Yelp allows irrelevant and false reviews to stay. What if say someone posts review that his friend was killed in restaurant which is not the case? Yelp is not supposed to check if it’s true or not. However, because of one idiotic review that restaurant owner may lose his business. Yes, he can sue, but even if judge orders to take down that review yelp can chose not to.  There is a hospital on yelp rated 5-star and 2 reviews say their relatives were almost killed there because of doctors’ mistakes. However, they still rated the hospital 5 star because everyone rates like that and doctors and nurses were nice. But if a dentist calls the police because the lady does not allow her kid to take medication because of which he may die, instead of thanking him, she writes 1 star review. Yelp forces pros to compromise their authority and fiduciary duty, violate laws just not to piss people off. Not good at all. We are licensed pros, not waiters or waitresses rating whom yelp is tailored. However, many come here to find other businesses too. Sometimes we act and say things people don’t like due to nature of our profession. Yelp should have professionals also rate reviews and filter those negative reviews which pros say is meaningless. Also, yelp pros can put their star rating when they find that a company or a professional acted actually correct, and customer’s complain is not only meaningless but it should have been a positive instead.

Now let’s see how many from 234 5-star reviews 12 are about good inspection and interaction and 222 are about great work done. Again the work is why people call us, and it takes 8-48 hours to do the termite work. This is why every singe positive review is rated as overwhelmingly useful and every negative review funny. But still this is not enough. Yelp has to do more. Yelp has to hire moderators who are also professionals in certain type of business to evaluate, downgrade ot upgrade certain reviews. They can use point system. Dry “termites of service” and “contact violations” guidelines is not enough. They can ask business to pay for portion of professionals’ time too if they request expert evaluation.

Please, comment, we will be glad to hear from you. Thanks for reading if you can thus far.

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