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In many areas of Greater Los Angeles subterranean termites started swarming. If you see flying small black termites with gray wings bigger than thorax and equal size, there is no need to get upset and think it will need a speedy remedy. You can clean them by spraying with Windex or even water. As a rule, swarming termites are a sign of termite infestation on the structure. This means that they may be eating and damaging the structure. We offer free complete termite and other wood destroying organisms inspections There may be other issues too. There is no need to call a termite company just to kill or clean these flying termites, it will mean he did literally nothing. Termites are already dead or will be in an hour or so, and whoever cleans your house can also clean them too.

Most Homes And Other Structures Qualify For A Complete Wood Destroying Organisms (termite) Inspection


Many prospective and existing customers ask us about  “pest proof insulation”. Pest proofing insulation entails spraying insulation which has preventative capabilities against pests on attics, subareas and inside the walls.

We believe that pest proofing insulation and termite proofing insulation are marginally effective only in certain cases.  For instance, best proofing against rats is exclusion which requires closing all access points to the structure, and this has nothing to do with insulation. Best proofing against cockroaches is keeping structures clean and in good sanitary state, and again this has nothing to do with insulation. Needless to mention that if you put insulation on your attic or inside the walls ants, fleas, crickets, spiders and all other major pests can still be in your yard and home regardless you spent $5,000 or $10,000 on insulating your attic.

We would like to also go into more detail what concerns to “termite insulation proofing”. There are two main types of termites – subterranean termites and drywood termites. Below we will discuss each in more detail:

  • Drywood termite insulation proofing includes applying insulation on attics, subareas and inside walls.
    • Applying insulation to attics may be marginally effective for drywood termite prevention. However, much better results can be achieved by spraying attics with Timbor-Professional or Bora-Care. Drywood termites live inside the wood, and spraying attics by these materials in liquid form will be much more effective than spraying insulation which does not penetrate inside the wood.
    • Applying insulation on subareas for drywood termites will be almost not effective unless drywood termites were found in subareas. This happens very rarely, and if it does usually on those houses it takes forever for drywood termites to do any damage.
    • Applying insulation inside walls for drywood termites will not be much effective either. Insulation will not penetrate inside the wood, and this is where drywood termites nest.
  • Subterranean termite insulation proofing on above three areas:
    • It will be meaningless to apply insulation on attics for subterranean termite prevention. Subterranean termites extremely rarely infest attics, and even if they do, they come from ground.
    • Applying insulation in subarea for subterranean termite prevention may be marginally effective but not as effective as spraying exposed wood with Timbor-Professional, Bora-Care and especially Termidor SC or any other fipronil containing product.
    • Applying termite insulation on interior walls for preventing against subterranean termites is literally meaningless. Subterranean termites infest interior walls by drilling wood members, and they will not care if surface of wood members are insulated or not.

So, mostly it will be worthless for homeowners to spend thousands of dollars on pest proof insulation. Also, homeowners should consider the fact that applying insulation is a specialized profession. If they want to put insulation on their homes, then they have to contact someone who has a specific license for that and does only insulation work.

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