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Subterranean termites started swarming in Los Angeles and other cities in SoCal. When you see swarming or flying termites there is no need to panic. They are not vector of diseases but almost for certain damage the property. You can spray them with water or any other cleaning material and clean them after they fall down. It will be beneficial to keep a sample in a plastic or other container for our inspector to identify the termites. Meanwhile, you can call us or book online your free inspection after which we will assess the situation and offer remedies. Most of the time lot more issues are found other than subterranean termite infestations. So it will be an excuse to do a good wood destroying organisms inspection and rectify issues .

Most Homes And Other Structures Qualify For A Complete Wood Destroying Organisms (termite) Inspection


The termite damage in your home or business gets detected, repaired, and lastly the wood is sprayed with natural termiticides to prevent future infestations. Prime Termite recommends green termite treatment or natural termite control since it’s 100% natural and environmentally safe for the family as well as pets. All of the walls will be inspected thoroughly to ensure the best quality green termite treatment. Prime Termite offers the same warranties for our green termite treatment to maximize our prevention capabilities. Our treatments also get rid of a few other insects as well as drywood termites California. Other local termite companies have yet to match up to our level of expertise and environmentally safe practices.

During the last several years our green termite treatment and natural termite control service virtually has ZERO call-backs, which is reflected upon our extensive satisfactory track records. By utilizing our services, your home or business structures will remain in excellent condition for a very long time.


green termite treatment

In addition our green termite treatment is not only against subterranean and drywood termites (drywood termites California) but also against fungus, powder-post beetles, and carpenter ants. Over the years we have developed termite application techniques and methods known only to us which allows our crew to combine highest possible quality.  Our extensive work with the know-how of years of trial & error as well as track record  is how we are able to achieve these results. If you want to go green in regard to termite and other wood destroying organisms treatments, we ARE the ultimate green termite treatment company in Greater Los Angeles area as well as Southern California.


Green Termite Treatment




Prime Termite offers completely natural termite control while offering the same warranties for our green treatments due to their prevention capabilities. Prime Termite is certified by EPA in which we pride ourselves upon providing safe natural termite control alternatives.


Subterranean & Drywood Termite Green Treatments (Drywood Termites California)

Bora-care Complete Foaming (combined with custom treatments)

Bora-care is an outstanding termite control product that provides an excellent reputation among serious termite control professionals and local termite companies. It is produced by Nisus Corporation after years of extensive research and development requiring significant investments. Bora-care is not a “who knows what invention” by small, local termite companies, which neither has sufficient research and development investment means nor is a professional termiticide-producing organization. This is why other natural termite control and organic termite control product manufacturers (usually just small local termite companies) often try to promote their products with unsubstantiated and exaggerated claims. Bora-care produces great results while conducting complete foaming on exterior and interior structures. Prime Termite uses the best state-of-the-art equipment available on the market, even better than what you can see in the video above. Our equipment quality, combined with telescoping and acoustic inspection tools, means excellent results. We do not foam only part of the house or only the exterior box with Timbor-Professional (the inexpensive version of other borate foaming material used mainly for prevention) we use the highly regarded Bora-care, directed at the entire structure. By collaborating with our customers, we also cut the cost of this expensive material as well as labor expenditure with our efficient and detailed organization of the job. This is how most of our Bora-care foaming works qualify for the wood damage plan directed at entire structures, for both drywood (drywood termites California) and subterranean termites. By doing Bora-care foaming with Prime Termite, you will be applying the most advanced, and by far the best, natural termite control foaming available in the USA. With our very reasonable pricing, you will get unsurpassed value for your investment, which will protect your property as long as it exists.


drywood termites california

Drywood Termite Green Treatments

Green Combined Natural Termite Control Treatments Directed to Entire Structure

termites-swarmFor combined Green Treatments we use Orange Oil combined with Partial Heat to eliminate and control drywood termites (drywood termites California). In those cases when less than 2 oz can be used, we prefer using Termidor SC for direct elimination in addition to other measures above. Depending on the type of structure, infestation level, and other findings, we use different techniques in conjunction with, or separate from, each other in different areas. Unlike some other local termite companies that use only one method to eliminate all drywood termites, we use several methods because different areas require different types of treatment to be effective. Most of our Combined Green Treatments and natural termite control are directed to the entire structure qualify for our wood damage plan. They also give our customers peace of mind because these treatments do not contain the highly toxic chemicals used during non green treatment fumigation’s. All Prime Termite applicators are meticulously trained and skilled in applying these treatments since we consider them to be artists of their trade. They will continue doing the work for as many days as it takes to complete it properly. Customers can be assured in one thing, Prime Termite management may question applicators about spending less time at work or using less materials, not otherwise. We will never question them why they used too much of a certain type of material or why they spent too much time even though in these cases we would save in expenses of doing the work,  quality is paramount for us.

natural termite control

Green Termite Treatment & Natural Termite Control are the ideal choice for the environment.

Prime Termite’s highly advanced training of its workforce has reaped its own rewards – a professional job and very satisfied clients. For extensive and high quality termite treatments, homeowners can choose to be at home or leave the premises to our crew without any disruption to their work or leisure schedule. Many local termite companies have yet to match up to our level of expertise and customer service.

Thermigation – Complete Heat Treatment for Drywood Termites

Complete Heat or Thermigation is similar to fumigation when all wooden parts of a structure are treated by reaching all drywood termites (drywood termites California). During fumigation this is achieved by introducing sulfur flouride, but by using complete heat it is accomplished by increasing the temperature to a level at which drywood termites cannot survive. In both cases, the structure is sealed to block fumigant or excessive heat escaping through a tent or other alternative ways. Complete Heat or Thermigation is the only alternative to fumigation capable of eliminating all drywood termites. In addition, it has one great advantage – it is a completely green treatment that does not involve any chemicals, even organic and natural ones.

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local termite companies
Drywood termite infestation intensity is based upon the closeness to Pacific Ocean.

Most recent update : Southern California Homes Magazine chose Prime Termite for explanation of green termite treatments.

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